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Program Manager - Senior- RQ00108

Guelph, ON


1.     Strategic Program Management:

a.     Manage and ensure accountability for the full life cycle delivery of operational programs and projects.

b.     Utilize expertise in project management to tracking status of projects and identify/manage risks.

2.     Cost Efficiency and Compliance:

a.     Ensure that all programs/projects are delivered cost-effectively and efficiently, in compliance with the organization's directives.

b.     Oversee project budget alignments, financial forecasts and reporting of actuals to ensuring resources are used within agreed parameters.

3.     Leadership:

a.     Work and guide cross-functional teams in meeting program and project deliverables.

4.     Reporting and Governance:

a.     Develop and implement effective reporting mechanisms to track progress and provide insights to senior leadership, aiding strategic decision-making.

b.     Promote good governance practices within One Call, enhancing professional standards and organizational integrity.

5.     Interdepartmental Collaboration:

a.     Work closely with One Call staff across various departments, including IT, finance, and senior management, to ensure cohesive operations and project success.

General Skills:

1.     Strategic Program Leadership: Demonstrated experience in leading and overseeing program development from inception through project close-out. Skilled in business planning, project management and risk reporting. Proven ability to understand and articulate program and project progress for executive consumption.

2.     Team Management: Experience in directing, managing, and leading multi-disciplinary project teams, ensuring collaboration among matrix team members and successful delivery of project components.

3.     Performance and Risk Management: Expertise in monitoring and managing costs, risk, schedules, governance, performance, and program impact. Able to provide a program/portfolio view of project inter-dependencies and external dependencies, monitoring risk levels. Ability to analyze programs to identify potential risks and issues, prioritize these for senior executives, and recommend effective mitigation strategies.

4.     Budget Development: Skilled in developing and tracking budgets that accommodate multiple funding channels and cross-organization dependencies.

5.     Change Management: Adept at leading strategies and actions to manage change and transformation initiatives.

6.     Effective Communication: Experience supervising the development and communication of program and project related updates through various products, including presentations.

7.     Relationship Building: Proven track record of building positive relationships within teams and with external parties, fostering a collaborative work environment.

Desirable Skills:

1.     Governance Acumen: Knowledge of governance practices with the ability to implement high standards of professional governance.

2.     Regulatory Acumen: Knowledge of how to interpret legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure policies are compliant and defensible.

3.     Technology Proficiency: Familiarity with IT and finance systems, enhancing project integration and delivery.

4.     Innovative Mindset: Creativity and openness to new ideas and in developing new approaches in policy development and implementation.

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