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DevOps Engineer - 20496

Fredericton, NB · Information Technology

The successful candidate must deliver the following to successfully complete the engagement:

• Deployment Plans and Automation Scripts: Develop deployment plans and automation scripts for deploying changes from development environments to testing, staging, and production environments. This includes deployment scripts for Salesforce metadata, configuration settings, and data migration. Oversee and maintain infrastructure design documents that detail system/environment configurations.
• Release Management Processes: Implement release management processes to track and manage changes across Salesforce environments. This may involve creating release calendars, managing release branches, and coordinating deployments with development teams. Determine what coordinated test data, integrations, data compare, etc., are needed to test an operational change, emergency fix, or project release.
• Environment Configurations: Set up and configure Salesforce environments (sandbox, scratch orgs, production) using Copado. Document environment configurations, including metadata settings, permission sets, and integration endpoints.
• Version Control Repositories: Manage version control repositories (e.g., Git) for Salesforce code and configuration files. Ensure versioning best practices are followed, such as branching strategies, code reviews, and merging changes.
• Integration and Data Migration Scripts: Develop integration scripts and data migration tools to synchronize data between Salesforce and external systems. Ensure data integrity and data quality standards are maintained during migrations.
• Security and Compliance Checks: Implement security checks and compliance validations in the deployment pipelines. Ensure that security policies, access controls, and data protection measures are enforced during deployments. Provide oversight on production data in non-production environments across solutions and vendors, to ensure connected environments do not inadvertently populate production data in a test environment.
• Automated Testing Frameworks: Develop and maintain automated testing frameworks for Salesforce applications, including unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Provide test automation scripts and reports as deliverables.
• Environment Management: Manage and coordinate code changes and configuration migrations to the appropriate environments; manage potential collisions, etc. Understand environments available, needs and constraints of each, as well recommend integrated approach and resolve connectivity to support the projects.
• Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: Document DevOps processes, procedures, and best practices related to Salesforce development and deployment. Create knowledge base articles, runbooks, and training materials for team members and stakeholders.

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