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Civil Engineering Specialist- 186811

Calgary, AB

Key Responsibilities/Job Functions:

• Review technical scope, i.e. FCDs, civil subs, and microwave designs. Issued scope incl. EOR selection per Rogers guidance, request engineering, and request quote RFQ's.
• Review quote budgeting, submit for PO to Rogers project coordinator.
• Review site visit, audit report.
• Review analysis of STA (Structural Tower Assessment) report.
• Re-work, i.e. re-analysis if any load doesn’t suffice. Then design update and again quote submission, PO issuance, if reinforcing is required.
• Review Engineering design/drawings. Check correspondence to Rogers National Standards.
•Quality Check - Verification of the complete CWO/CDP.
•Internal (Real Estate, RF engineering, Microwave Engineering) and external stakeholder (Landlord) review and sign off, clarification if needed.
• Assemble all printouts and reports into one PDF CWO or CDP document.
•New CWO/CDP issue. Update CWO/CDP if need it. Distribute package in Remedy.
•Update tracker (if applicable), SharePoint, ADM.
•Reply queries for CWO/CDP drawing material issues.
•Reply on Network Implementation construction queries.
•Reply on Real Estate and Landlord design queries.
•Provide invoicing/OLR guidance to Rogers Project Coordinator.
•Review and award As-built and PCI report. Coordination deficiencies correction with the construction team.
•Attend meetings, calls with NI/RE/EOR and Review NI plan/provide ETAs.

Job Qualifications:
•Project Management: Skills in project execution, including the issuance of civil work orders, management of third-party outsourcing, and follow-up on project-related tasks, with adherence to Civil Engineering standards.
•Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration with various teams such as Access planning, Transport planning, and RF Engineering. Strong communication skills are crucial for interacting with internal and external stakeholders, aligned with Civil Engineering standards.
•Regulatory Compliance and Civil Engineering Standards: Demonstrate awareness of regulatory requirements and adhere to standards in the telecommunications industry, including Professional Engineering compliancy. Ensure all documentation, processes, and practices align with the ethical and professional standards set forth for telecommunications engineering.
•Problem Solving: Ability to evaluate proposed locations, identify optimal designs, and troubleshoot issues during project execution, incorporating civil engineering considerations.
•Cost Management: Knowledgeable in approving, tracking, and controlling project expenditures to meet overall financial objectives and Build Program goals, following Civil Engineering standards.
•Documentation and Reporting: Proficient in preparing engineering reports, maintaining detailed records to support network implementation and modifications. Ensure accurate and timely engineering reporting, facilitating effective communication and resolution of service-related issues, adhering to Civil Engineering standards.

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