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Sr. Product Manager - 04009

Toronto, Ontario


Through ongoing product management, monitoring and reporting, services required to be performed by the product manager shall include:

  • Identifying strategic and operational requirements of specific product management environment for IT initiatives.

  • Providing ongoing advice on refinements and enhancements to the organization’s product management delivery processes.

  • Developing product design criteria, planning activities, business objectives, communication and reporting protocols, implementing planning, product prioritization and phasing strategies, issues management, quality assessment and transition requirements.

  • Directing, coordinating and monitoring product management activities to ensure timely, cost-effective and high-quality business and customer-focused results

Key Responsibilities:

  • Articulate the product vision and product strategy - so the product team knows why they are undertaking the effort of building the product, and what the plan for doing so is.

  • Prioritize features & manage the backlog - So the product team has a shared focus across tactical design and development work.

  •  Establish and track against measurable objectives - So the product team knows whether they are on the right path or not.

  • Decide when to ship software - So customers can experience the benefits of the product as soon as possible, and the product team can continue to gather valuable feedback about how to iterate on the product.

  • Continually de-risk product direction - So the product team only builds the features they should build, based on validated customer problems and business opportunities, and increase the likelihood that the product will be successful in the market

  • Communicate effectively - So the product team, stakeholders and sponsors are all aligned, and momentum is maintained.

Specific Deliverables:

Deliverables expected to be produced could include:

  •  Product vision and road map (now, near, and future timeline)

  • Product strategy: target audience (end-users), problems you’re trying to solve, value propositions

  •  Customer discovery insights through end-user research activities

  • Product features and functions through product management backlog and the authoring of user stories with the business product owner

  • Product key performance Indicators (KPIs) or success criteria including a metrics dashboard

  • Product decision and direction rationales

  • Product wins (success stories)

  • Continuous shipping of product features to improve upon the minimal viable product produced by the product team through user-centered design processes and agile (scrum) delivery methodologies

  •  Product risk mitigation strategies

  • Communications to senior management level including executive summaries, and product status updates as required.

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