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IT Asset Manager

Toronto, ON
Position Purpose summary:
The IT asset management function of my client in Canada is responsible for the management of technology assets, which includes optimizing the value and cost of technology assets while mitigating the risks these assets present to the organization throughout their life. This is done by establishing an effective technology life cycle that spans from technology asset selection, operation, refresh, migration, optimization, all the way through the retirement and disposal of the asset. The IT asset manager is responsible for the governance of this life cycle and reporting data that is captured throughout the life cycle to improve the management of assets within the organization.
Gartner defines IT asset management (ITAM) as providing an accurate account of all technology asset life cycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy, architecture, funding, contractual and sourcing decisions.
Everyone in my client in Canada who manages, uses or accesses IT and digital technology has some responsibility for asset life cycle management under the governance of the IT asset management function. IT asset management is the central point for data analysis to support the effective management of digital technology assets, whether owned and managed by IT, third-party service providers or business units outside IT.
KEY Accountabilities:
Budget: Management of budget for ITAM tools, services and staffing (permanent and temporary)
Talent management: Permanent, contract, temporary and graduate trainees
Financial: Oversight of spending on technology asset support, which includes hardware, software, cloud services, support, maintenance and hardware disposal
Environment: Endpoints and edge devices, software and service asset vendors, on-premises data center assets, and cloud services
Other: Liability management and remediation tracking
Operational Management:
  • Ensure that appropriate resources (people, tools, services) and processes are in place to gather and analyze data relating to technology asset life cycles and related processes.
  • Promote and advocate the value of ITAM to the CIO and organizational leaders. This includes developing and promoting effective ITAM strategies, policy, approaches and practices across the full range of digital technology assets used within the organization.
  • Identify and report on breaches of ITAM policy, and track remedial action.
  • Report on (or develop reporting on) remediation of digital technology asset-related risks and progress of optimization activity.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs), and that data completeness and quality issues are quickly identified and escalated to the responsible data or process owners.
  • Gather data on and provide analysis of all activities that have an impact on the value, cost and risk of digital technology asset life cycles.
  • Provide finance with the data to support the analysis of digital technology asset project and maintenance budgets and business cases.
  • Assign responsibilities for subdisciplines, such as software asset management (SAM), hardware asset management (HAM) and IT asset disposition (ITAD).
  • Ensure that ITAM-related tools and services are properly evaluated, selected, implemented, configured and maintained, with appropriate integration with other sources of organizational data.
  • Supervise the organization’s response to software vendor license compliance audits or license validation requests, in consultation with the relevant vendor and procurement managers, software asset manager and other appointed delegates.
  • Provide access to technology asset data in support of essential activities required to support the effective running of the business.
  • Manage the everyday functions of the core IT asset management team. This includes staffing, budgeting and other relevant management functions required to hold all IT and business stakeholders accountable for optimizing the cost, risk and benefit of digital technology assets throughout their life cycle.
  • Business unit managers
  • Program and project management resources
  • Risk management audit and compliance teams
  • Chief information security officer (CISO)
  • Sourcing and procurement teams
  • Vendor management
  • Corporate and social responsibility (CSR)
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Digital technology budget holders
  • Reports directly to the Senior Director, Managed Services & Infrastructure
  • Oversee a team of 3-5 individuals
Working Conditions:
  • Occasional evening and weekend work to meet deadlines
  • This job is mainly remote but could require visit to the office on occasion
Education, Qualifications and Certifications:
Performance Drivers  
  Thinks Critically 
 Questions before accepting | has the ability to see underneath the first versions of things and to get beneath them to the underlying causes 
 Flexible | iterates & adjusts approach based on new information 
  Communication Skills 
 Ability to synthesize complex thoughts put them into meaningful material that can be digested at the senior level 
 Willing to consider and take into account new facts, ideas, values, or people 
 Goal-oriented | self-disciplined | dependable 
 Is attracted to an integrated, vertical release like capability. Sees the world beyond their own scope. 
 Motivates others to do things that go beyond the norm, tackle problems, and get results 
education and experience Qualifications:
Education, Qualifications and Certifications
  • A university degree in computer science or approved equivalent combination of education and experience.  
  • 7-10 years of experience with IT, enterprise asset management or information management
  • 7-10 years of demonstrated leadership experience building cross-organizational consensus with exposure to technology providers and/or business clients
  • 7-10 years of demonstrated experience managing a high-performing, cohesive team
  • 7-10 years of demonstrated experience in liaising with middle and senior management
The following certifications are considered desirable, but not mandatory:
  • ITIL v4 Foundation certification
  • Certified IT Asset Manager (CITAM)
  • COBIT 5 Foundation
Experience and Skilled Knowledge Requirements
  • A management role, including engagement with sourcing, procurement and vendor management, business stakeholders and frontline operational IT staff
  • Prior ITAM roles (hardware or software) or demonstrable experience of working with IT asset management professionals to deliver ITAM capability and improved business outcomes
  • Experience with building business requirements for digital technology tools and services, developing business cases, and selecting solutions using RFP documentation and processes
  • Experience leading system or tool implementations, with responsibility for verifying capabilities, outputs, dependencies and implementation scope
  • Working in the non-profit industry
  • Managing external IT service providers handling digital technology assets
  • Managing the risk and cost implications of IT contracts or contract negotiations
  • Hands-on information gathering, analysis and management reporting
  • ServiceNow or other ITAM tools
This is a sensitive role dealing with significant costs. The organization must have a high level of confidence in the integrity and track record of the individual appointed to this role.
  • Technology asset life cycle (whether digital technology, information, financial or physical assets), best practice governance, tools and services
  • Policy, process, and procedure development and implementation
  • Technology contracts and their likely cost implications through the technology asset life cycle
  • Engagement with sourcing, procurement and vendor management legal, tax and accountancy advisors for additional information
  • Data processing, analysis and quality management tools

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