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RQ00109 -Specialized IT Consultant - Senior

Toronto, ON

The purpose of this request is to acquire a HL7 FHIR resource with expertise in FHIR standards and awareness of applicable Terminology standards who will work with others in support of the Digital Health Standards (DHS) Program to deliver standards components of Patients before Paperwork project .

Must haves:

Extensive knowledge and understanding of digital health standards including but not limited to HL7 FHIR, clinical terminologies (e.g., SNOMED-CT, LOINC) and their application.

Healthcare experience within Canada in acute care, primary care and/or community care settings. 

Extensive knowledge and understanding of pan-Canadian digital health standards and tooling. 

Hands-on experience with HL7 FHIR tooling including but not limited to Simplifier, HL7 Validator, and Forge.

Hands-on experience with JSON and XML.

Hands-on experience implementing HL7 FHIR standards and solutions.

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written, and strong partner engagement skills. 

Time management skills, with the ability to manage tight deadlines and prioritize multiple projects.

Responsibilities: General Skills

 ·       Conduct requirements gathering, develops documentation, including presentations and briefing notes and conducts partner engagement.

·       Work with different partners and subject matter experts from different backgrounds (clinical, business, and technical).

·       Interact with the business partners and subject matter experts in order to understand their requirements through gathering, documenting, and analyzing business needs and requirements.

·       Develop and document HL7 FHIR artifacts and supporting documentation.

·       Validate, troubleshoot, and problem solve the HL7 FHIR artifacts.

Required Skills:

·       FHIR standards assessment, selection, development, and maintenance processes

·       Research and analysis

·       Communication and collaboration  

·       Partner engagement and management

 Desired Skills:

Hands-on experience with HL7 FHIR Structured Data Capture (SDC).

Familiarity with Microsoft Products, with a preference for candidates that have experience with Microsoft based cloud tools (e.g., Microsoft Office 365). 

Knowledge of Healthcare Information Systems used throughout the province of Ontario.  

Ability to readily identify, assess and mitigate implementation and adoption issues.  

Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills; verbal and written communication skills; interpersonal and negotiation skills. 

A team player with a track record for meeting deadlines. 



1.          Confirm HL7 FHIR requirements related to the different streams of work in the Patients before Paperwork project in the context of collect once and use many for direct care and subsequent data use as identified in the OH data and analytics strategy and OH data and analytics operating model areas of focus.  

2.       Provide support related to the following 5 streams of work in the Pb4P project: 

·         Referrals/Consults/Central Intake 

·         Prescriptions 

·         Forms (eForms, SADIE) 

·         Health Report Manager (HRM) 

·         Provincial Health Service Directory (PHSD)  

3.       Work collaboratively with the Digital Health Standards Program on the following deliverables related to standards: 

a.       Specification Development and Maintenance   

c.        Standards Orientation 

d.       Walkthrough of Specifications 

e.       Testing Support 

4.    Perform requirement elicitation, validation, and documentation.

5.     Consult and collaborate with Partners to update Standards Implementation Guide contents using Simplifier and Forge:

a.     Business Narratives (e.g. Use Cases, Business Models and Rules, etc.)

b.     Technical and FHIR Artifacts

c.     Terminology Artifacts

6.     Validate Standards Implementation Guide:

a.     Validate FHIR Artifacts using HL7 Validator

b.     Validate Technical and FHIR Artifacts with Partners (e.g. Architecture, Clinical, Privacy, Analytics, Digital Health Standards Program (DHS), etc.)

c.     Collaborate with Partners to Troubleshoot validation issues

7.     Document Digital Health Standards Assessments (i.e. Conceptual, Logical, Physical) to support Project Delivery Committee and other governance structures.

8.     Present Digital Health Standards Assessments to DHS.

9.     Participate in collaboration with DHS team at Partners meetings and workshops.

10.     Develop and present weekly report of deliverables, time, and status updates.

11.     Provide knowledge transfer documents and conduct knowledge transfer sessions for all project deliverables with assigned Ontario Health subject matter experts.

12.     Follow Ontario Health and DHS guidelines for documentation, templates, and data storage and organization.

13.  Complete deliverables in adherence to Ontario Health guidelines for all communication, email, messaging, etc.

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