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Senior Business Analyst Consultant- RQ00107

Guelph, ON
Job Description:

Role Summary:

Join Ontario One Call as a Senior Business Analyst Consultant and play a pivotal role in our transformative journey towards a public safety administrative authority. This is a unique opportunity to lead the development and implementation of cutting-edge policies and directives that will reshape our service delivery, governance, and organizational performance. If you're passionate about driving change, enhancing internal controls, and making a significant public impact, we invite you to be a part of our ambitious mission to exceed our mandate through innovation and operational excellence.


1.     Strategic Policy Development:

·       Lead the development and implementation of strategic policies and directives aimed at operational excellence and enhanced governance.

·       Collaborate with senior management to identify and prioritize areas for policy improvement and innovation.

2.     Business Analysis and Legal Collaboration:

·       Lead thorough business analysis to assess document requirements.

·       Work closely with organization staff and Legal Counsel to ensure that all new and improved policies are legally vetted, defensible, and in compliance with relevant directives.

3.     Business Process Re-engineering:

·       Analyze current business processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for enhancement.

·       Design and implement re-engineered processes that align with new policies, promoting cost-effective and efficient service delivery.

4.     Internal Engagement and Communication:

·       Engage with various internal stakeholders to ensure policies are comprehensive, defensible, and aligned with legal and regulatory frameworks.

5.     Performance Measurement and Monitoring:

·       Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks to assess the effectiveness of implemented policies and directives.

·       Develop and implement an updated corporate reporting system that captures and tracks operational scorecards and evaluates performance.

·       Regularly review and report on performance, suggesting continuous improvements to ensure alignment with organizational goals.

6.     Change Management:

·       Lead change management initiatives to ensure smooth transition and adoption of new policies across the organization.



General Skills:

1.     Strategic Thinking: Ability to conceptualize and develop strategic initiatives that drive organizational change and improvement.

2.     Analytical Skills: Proficiency in analyzing complex business processes, identifying challenges, and crafting effective solutions.

3.     Communication and Facilitation: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with a proven ability to engage and align diverse perspectives.

4.     Project Management: Strong project management skills, capable of leading large-scale projects from inception to completion within defined timelines and budgets.

5.     Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs and environments, maintaining a focus on delivering results.

Desirable Skills:

1.     Financial Proficiencies – Understands financial systems, including use and interpretation of financial data.

2.     Regulatory Acumen: Knowledge of how to interpret legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure policies are compliant and defensible.

3.     Innovative Mindset: Creativity and openness to new ideas and in developing new approaches in policy development and implementation.

4.     Technology Proficiency: Familiarity with the latest business analysis and project management software and tools.

5.     Leadership: Demonstrated leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and guide teams through complex change processes.

6.     Governance Expertise: Deep understanding of good governance practices and effective internal controls, enabling the development of policies that are both innovative and practical.


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