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Developer Analyst AWS- TI1004-1

Vancouver(remote), BC
We are in search of a Cloud Operations Engineer with a focus on AWS CloudOps to ensure the
seamless management and optimization of our healthcare data infrastructure. This role is
pivotal in supporting the accessibility and exchange of interoperable healthcare data, including
standards like FHIR, enabling advanced analytics that drive insights and improvements in
healthcare delivery.
We deeply value curiosity and continuous learning. We provide a nurturing
environment that fosters your professional growth in cloud data engineering and operations. By
joining our team, you will collaborate with passionate specialists and contribute to meaningful
projects that have a lasting impact in the health tech space, all while developing your skills and

Key Responsibilities
● Monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues within our AWS data infrastructure,
ensuring high availability, performance, and security.
● Oversee and optimize AWS cloud infrastructure for data processing, employing
services like S3, Lambda, Glue, Lake Formation, DynamoDB, and EC2 to manage batch
and real-time data pipelines.
● Implement and manage cloud infrastructure as code (IaC) using tools such as AWS
CloudFormation or Terraform, ensuring scalable, repeatable, and secure environments.
● Advocate for and implement best practices in cloud operations, data security, and
compliance, adhering to healthcare industry standards and regulations.

● Participate in the development of infrastructure automation and continuous
integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to streamline data operations and
development workflows.
● Collaborate with the data engineering team to maintain and enhance PySpark-based
Core Qualifications
● Exceptional problem-solving abilities and a detail-oriented approach to managing
complex cloud environments.
● Excellent communication skills, capable of collaborating effectively across
multidisciplinary teams.
● Strong background in AWS CloudOps, with proven experience in managing data
infrastructure and services in a cloud environment.
● Experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools (e.g., AWS CloudFormation, CDK,
Terraform) and understanding of CI/CD pipelines.
● Adaptability and a keenness to learn new technologies and tools, with a willingness to
grow into roles that may involve more direct work on data pipelines.
Great to Have
● Familiarity with data processing technologies (e.g., PySpark, SQL, Amazon Athena),
sufficient to support troubleshooting efforts or to identify points of failure in data
● Experience with data lake technologies, including table formats (e.g., Iceberg, Hudi,
Delta Lake) and AWS Lake Formation, is highly valued.
● Interest in or experience with streaming technologies (e.g., Apache Flink, Google
Cloud Dataflow/Beam), to support future contributions to real-time data processing
● Understanding of the FHIR standard and experience with healthcare data
management, which would be beneficial in ensuring compliance and effectiveness of
data solutions within the healthcare domain.

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