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RQ00078 - Project Manager/Leader - Senior

Orillia, ON


·        Functional Senior Project Manager (PM) to support the OPP Procurement and Administration Rapid Working Group (RWG) currently in the start-up phase at the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The purpose of the RWG is to: enhance procurement processes with a focus on preserving public safety and safeguarding the well-being of Ontarians. Additionally, the objective is to explore innovative opportunities to find efficiencies while streamlining the procurement processes in recognition of operational requirements.

Must Haves:

·        Demonstrated experience with:

o  process mapping, facilitation, needs analysis and process improvement.

o  continuous improvement initiatives focused on efficiencies, modernization and innovation.

·        Knowledge and understanding of public sector governance, procurement (i.e. Requests for Bids/Proposals), and budget processes.

·        Experience at a senior level in order to guide multifaceted projects during their initial phases.

·        Ability to maintain confidentiality and integrity of privileged/sensitive information.


·        Past experience with Ontario Public Service procurement projects.

·        Past experience with law enforcement procurement projects.

Experience and Skill Set Requirements:

·        Previous experience in successfully implementing procurement process optimization for organization of similar size and complexity.

·        Experience with public sector business case/funding acquisition and competitive procurements.

·        Experience with procurement processes and with similar procurement challenges, ensuing a clear understanding of the OPP’s unique requirements.

·        Knowledge and experience in project-managing large-scale innovative initiatives.

·        Experience managing large-scale, complex, integrated project plans and implementation plans.

·        Experience in identifying project scope and managing stakeholder expectations.

·        Experience managing executive relationships and dealing with senior executives.

·        Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to conduct a comprehensive review of current procurement processes, identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

·        Demonstrate proficiency in change management, providing a plan to facilitate a smooth transition for the procurement team during the implementation phase.

·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·        Knowledge of fiscal/budgeting elements of procurement projects.

·        Highly developed interpersonal and negotiation skills.

·        Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

·        Track record of meeting deadlines.

Contract duration is six months plus a possible three month extension 


a.        Provide oversight and project management for the terms of the OPP’s Procurement and Administrative Rapid Working Group.

b.        Support documentation of current processes, areas for improvement and new process opportunities.

c.        Propose strategies and solutions to streamline procurement processes.

d.        Develop a detailed roadmap for implementing recommended changes, considering resource allocation.

e.        If required, prepare business cases to secure funding approval for any required supporting requirements.

f.         Coordinate between multi-functional areas and cross government agencies.

g.        Provide guidance and support to all sub-project leads and technical personnel.

g.        Identify and manage critical interdependencies related to key deliverables and timelines.

h.        Develop and deliver executive communications, regularly presenting to senior management.

i.          Manage escalations related to overall project plan execution.

j.          Oversee stakeholder engagement to ensure collaboration.

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