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Senior Cyber Security Specialist - RQ00048

Toronto, ON

Project Overview:

In response to the escalating cyber threats in today's digital landscape, Supply Ontario is embarking on a strategic initiative to establish a robust and comprehensive cyber security program. This endeavour will aim to fortify the organization's digital defenses, safeguard sensitive data, and ensure continuity of operations in the face of evolving cyber risk.

Our primary goal revolves around the establishment of a mature cyber security program that underpins Supply Ontario's core business functions. Focusing on continuous improvement, key objectives include bolstering proactive and reactive controls to preserve Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA). An extensive program will include areas such as Cyber Policy and Procedure Development, Cyber Risk Assessment & Management, Security Compliance, Security Training & Awareness, Incident Response, and Threat Intelligence.

Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, we are dedicated to building a comprehensive cyber security program within our agency.

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