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Senior Service Technician - Radio

Fort McMurray, AB
The Senior Service Technician Radio is responsible to program, install, test, troubleshoot, and repair
communications equipment at the repair center and job site. Service Technicians who are certified for
tower work will also erect towers, and install antennas and cabling at heights over 3 meters.

• Testing by means of watt meter, multimeter, antenna diagnostics, DTF, basic service monitor
use, modulation, channel bandwidths and signal levels
• Install wireless communications equipment in stationary and mobile applications including light,
medium & heavy duty vehicles and equipment
• Reading and understanding of engineering drawings/documents
• Install, maintain, and repair SmartNet/SmartZone trunked radio systems, Conventional radio
systems, MotoTRBO radio systems, TDM multiplexing equipment including T1 applications and
wired/wireless LAN and WAN data networks
• Program Conventional/MotoTRBO/Trunking mobile and portable radio equipment
• Install, maintain, and repair broadband satellite systems
• Install, maintain, and tune antenna multi-coupler systems, duplexers and transmit combiners
• Assist, guide, and mentor employees and/or trainees
• Participate in travel, overtime, and on-call duties as required
• PMP/PtP programming
• Site surveys
• Antenna diagnostics
• Advanced radio programming
• Network cable testing, duplex operation, spectrum analysis, use of return loss bridge
• Multicoupler/Combiner tuning
• BDA installing and troubleshooting
• Loss calculations
• Cable management
• Advanced diagnostics
• BER, identify test set capabilities
• Infrastructure design & implementation with the use and guidance of Industry Canada website,
RSS 210 & RSS 134, BTU, EMI, surge protection, design parameters, cable & antenna
• Advanced IP
• Advanced trunking (SmartNet, Capacity Plus, Connect Plus etc.)
• R56 grounding

• Consoles
• Detailed report documentation (site survey, etc.)
• Other duties as assigned

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