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Business Analyst - Junior - RQ06068

Toronto, ON
Technical Knowledge / Skill 
Knowledge of and skills in: 
  • demonstrated knowledge of business analysis and requirements definition, business design and business process modeling and process re-engineering
  • demonstrated knowledge of the software development life cycle
  • Possess knowledge and experience leveraging both IT solutions and business process development or improvements.
  • Understanding EQAO_business environment, (eg: legislation, agreements, plans, service/operational processes, methods, standards, tools, technologies, issues, etc), to assess and comment on the performance of business practices, re-engineer or develop new practices, participate in their implementation with least risk to the business, and ensure compliance (eg: with specific provisions in program-related legislation). 
  • Theory and practice of business process modeling, in order to plan process re-engineering assignments; research, test and implement approved associated tools, methods and standards; and ensure best practices and standards are maintained. 
  • Understanding of key performance indicators, qualitative and quantitative measurement and risk assessment to develop, apply and evaluate results of metrics that measure process efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Knowledge of cost/benefit analysis, risk assessment and quantification methodologies
  • Change and project coordination, including planning, resource and budget scheduling, and risk management, to assist with concurrent projects and to introduce new/re-engineered processes and related standards and practices. 
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating concurrent projects with clients, stakeholders and partners; and expedite progress to support EQAO business needs. 
  • Experience in facilitating Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions.
  • Use Case and Functional Specification documentation
  • System Integration Regression and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Computer applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations, to prepare reports, conduct analysis and research, and provide information. 
  • Oral and written communications to manage diverse business contacts, provide written/verbal instructions and information to clients on re-engineering solutions, prepare reports, presentations, provide recommendations to senior management and clients, and provide process documentation which is complete and clear for users who are not specialists in business analysis. 

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill  
  • Customer relationship management skills to provide advice, guidance, assistance and education to clients who are usually not experienced in business process analysis. 
  • Consultation and collaboration skills to obtain understanding of business processes and propose new/re- engineered business processes and related tools and solutions, such as performance measurement indicators. 
  • Explanatory and presentation skills to deliver knowledge-sharing and skill-building concerning business analysis, trends, standards, methods, and specific solutions. 
  • Collaboration skills to lead and/or participate on various groups (e.g. project teams, committees, working groups). 
  • Negotiation skills to influence and impact in order to address issues and/or reach consensus. 
  • Facilitation skills to deliver knowledge-sharing and skill building sessions pertaining to business analysis, trends, standards, methods and specific solutions to various groups (eg. project teams, committees, working groups, etc). 
Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill 
  • Assist with the assessment of business analysis results and determine key elements to drive process improvement. 
  • Ensure integrity in the development and testing of performance measuring tools and techniques, identification of valid and reliable performance metrics and standards, and assessment of current processes against best  practices in order to identify gaps and justify areas for improvement in the context of existing and future business needs. 
  • Assess and revise/develop business analysis tools, methods and practices. 
  • Ensure business processes and related techniques and tools comply with and are aligned with Ministry and OPS standards (e.g.: QA, risk management, tracking, audit trails, etc). 
  • Determine how to eliminate the gaps and build on/towards best practices through the development of performance standards, measurement tools, and benchmarking. 
  • Reconcile and balance competing demands of projects/clients within budgetary and resource limitations. 
Decision Making / Responsibility 
Responsible for: 
  • Providing timely analyses, developing, recommending and implementing approved new/re-engineered business processes, standards and practices to enhance clients' business efficiency and effectiveness through best practices within available resources. 
  • Providing EQAO support that reflects individual needs for the agency, resources and understanding of business analysis. 
  • Defining the main implications of proposed business process/practice changes (e.g.: procedures, roles, responsibilities, skills, etc), and assisting in implementing business process change in the least disruptive way, anticipating and controlling risks. 
  • Ensuring compliance with Ministry and central agency directives and guidelines. Has latitude to: 
recommend scope and direction of projects, project budgets and procurement/resourcing strategies. establishes project priorities/directions to ensure integration, alignment and compliance with Branch/Ministry and enterprise standards and requirements. 
 Project coordination and Stakeholder Management Skills 
  • Communication skills with experience facilitating and making presentations and reports to senior management
  • Ministry/OPS clients (directors, managers and staff) to discuss and clarify business analysis needs; define current and anticipated business needs; explain and share knowledge about the business analysis process, approach, tools etc; provide reports and make recommendations for improvements; participate in the implementation of new/re-engineered process changes in accountabilities, roles and responsibilities identified by 
the new processes, including education for users. 
  • Multidisciplinary, inter-ministerial project development and implementation teams, advisory groups and steering committees to provide analyses, information, explanations, reports and documentation. 
  • External service providers to communicate new processes and assist them in ensuring that their processes are compatible. 

Must Haves:
Demonstrated knowledge of business analysis and requirements definition, business design and business process modeling and process re-engineering.
Demonstrated knowledge of the software development life cycle.

Research, test and implement approved associated tools, methods and standards; and ensure best practices and standards are maintained. 
Understanding of key performance indicators, qualitative and quantitative measurement and risk assessment.
Knowledge of cost/benefit analysis, risk assessment and quantification methodologies.
Planning, organizing and coordinating concurrent projects with clients, stakeholders and partners.
Computer applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations, to prepare reports, conduct analysis and research, and provide information. 
Customer relationship management skills to provide advice, guidance, assistance and education to clients who are usually not experienced in business process analysis. 
Collaboration skills to lead and/or participate on various groups (e.g. project teams, committees, working groups). 
Negotiation skills to influence and impact in order to address issues and/or reach consensus. 
Assist with the assessment of business analysis results and determine key elements to drive process improvement. 
Providing timely analyses, developing, recommending and implementing approved new/re-engineered business processes, standards and practices to enhance clients' business efficiency and effectiveness through best practices within available resources. 
Recommend scope and direction of projects, project budgets and procurement/resourcing strategies. 
Communication skills with experience facilitating and making presentations and reports to senior management.
External service providers to communicate new processes and assist them in ensuring that their processes are compatible. 


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