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Program Manager - Senior- RQ05976

Toronto, ON


·    Strategize, implement, and maintain program initiatives that adhere to strategic objectives

·    Formulate, organize and monitor inter-connected projects, including coordination of cross-project activities

·    Provide program management leadership and expertise of large scale, highly complex, high profile and high-risk initiatives that may be multi-jurisdictional and/or enterprise wide.

·    Develop and administer program assessment protocols for evaluation and improvement with an aim to maximize ROI

·    Maintain organizational standards of satisfaction, quality, and performance to ensure the accountability for the program(s)’ centralized group of projects and their successful full life cycle delivery

·    Oversee multiple project teams, ensuring program goals are reached

·    Manage budget and funding channels for maximum productivity  

·    Work closely with Program Leads, cross-functional teams, and assigned project managers to develop various program related processes in support of consistent practices to benefits realization through an agile project management approach:

o     the program management practices,

o     program scope & deliverables,

o     required resources for cross-functional teams and external


o     work plan, and

o     budget.

·    Develop, track and manage timelines for projects and initiatives

·    Manage program teams for optimal return on investment, and coordinate and influence cross-project initiatives

·    Develop and manage budget for programs and be accountable for delivering against established business goals/objectives

·    Work with other program managers to identify issues, risks and opportunities across multiple projects within the department

·    Analyze, evaluate, and overcome program issues and risks, and produce program reports for managers and stakeholders

·    Prepare progress and status reports for program directors and committees including governance committees and ensure effective alignment amongst existing and new governance committees/structures.

·    Ensure programs are delivered cost effectively and efficiently, and in compliance with HSC’s methodologies, standards and frameworks.

·    Provide mentoring and knowledge transfer to HSC’s designated staff to enable continuation in operational activities and sustainment

·    Create technical project and user documentation, training manuals and various business cases including but not limited to Ontario Treasury Board (TB) / Management Board of Cabinet (MBC) submissions and internal briefing notes to ensure the effective delivery of the critical business processes

·    Other duties as assigned



·    Establish and regularly review sequencing of high-level activities within projects and across programs where dependencies exist

·    Track and report program progress against identified success factors and key enablers

·    Establish and coordinate secretariat functions, processes, and tools, enabling program oversight from executive leadership teams/committees 

·    Collaborate with ministry partners, stakeholders and vendors to support designing, planning and implementing change initiatives.

·    Inform, elaborate and help deliver solutions that simplify processes and improve end-user experiences.

·    Support and contribute to planning that informs modernization and transformational service delivery roadmaps and execution against those roadmaps. 

·    Support and inform vendor management activities and strategies to enable effective service delivery with the appropriate ministry oversight. 

·    Design and implement program oversight solutions to ensure compliance with government regulation while encouraging quality improvement.

·    Deliver a roadmap and program solutions in long-term care capital builds, licensing, inspections, incident and complaints reporting and investigations.

·    Deliver program solutions to modernize inspections and investigations that support the enforcement of quality in long-term care homes.

·    Explore opportunities for integration and consolidation.

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