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Senior Business Analyst - 04376

Toronto, ON
This BA is NOT a technical BA (not a tester) but rather more focused on the business side, understand the business i.e a Business BA that has worked on IT Projects. Focused on business activities, elicitation, documentation, writing business requirements, use cases, user interface understanding, user acceptance testing.

  • Coordinate with the Senior Manager and Project leader to ensure business scope and objectives are met
  • Collaborate with the Project Manager leading the development team
  • Escalate risks, issues and concerns to the Senior Manager and Project Leader
  • Participate in an agile-based project development process including user story and use case development, collaborative design sessions, and user feedback sessions
  • Work closely with subject matter experts to elicit system requirements and business process mapping
  • Interpret decision-making policies and rules into system rule syntax to support the business rules engine and process mapping systems
  • Provide business and policy analysis for business requirement development
  • Conduct requirements focus groups with policy/business subject matter experts and stakeholder groups to obtain:
    • business requirements
    • stakeholder requirements (defining how stakeholders will interact and use the business solutions) and
    • I&IT solution requirements (functional, non-functional and implementation)
  • Analyze and document the as-is and to-be business processes/workflows
  • Analyze business needs and make recommendations for solution requirements and/or process improvements
  • Conduct form design, data analysis, workflow analysis and process design for automated and non-automated interfaces
  • Update business models including activity diagrams, conceptual and logical data models, process models, sequence diagrams, state charts, etc.
  • Document detailed business and/or system requirements, create use case models and use case specifications and associated UML diagrams, UI storyboard and specifications, and non-functional specifications
  • Develop and document test suites and test cases to support user acceptance testing
  • Conduct use case review and design walk-through sessions with business stakeholders, developers and testers, update specifications as required and direct developers in the development of the application
  • Provide requirements support to developers and testers, and coordinate production releases
  • Coordinate and conduct eForms demos to end-users, system partners and other stakeholders
  • Support the development of I&IT business solutions by validating system design to ensure business requirements are met
  • Provide support to end-users in user acceptance testing, guidance and direction for the overall system implementation and roll-out
  • Develop supporting documentation required for the project.
  • Participate in the development and testing of system eForms
  • Other project related activities as assigned

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