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Sr. Solutions Designer - 03990

Toronto, ON


The Solutions Designer undertakes the design of hosting technology solutions based on the client’s service specifications, standards, policies, best practices, and cost models, to meet client application business requirement and project/initiative deliverables.

General Skills:

  • Ability to gather client business requirements; corporate I&IT information mandates, client information technology strategic plans, environment, and standards
  • Ability to participate in the development of solutions and provide advice on short/long term solution service development activities.
  • Knowledge of leading-edge technologies design criteria, security and recovery procedures, preparation of technical specifications for installation, testing and performance of integrated, multi-services systems; assess performance and capacity of existing system making recommendations for improving performance and develop technical documentation.
  • Experience planning, migrating, implementing, and sustaining large complex system development projects
  • Knowledge of technology developments, trends, and new products to evaluated application to client short- and long-term technology requirements.
  • Conceptual and analytical skills to assess and evaluate client needs and conduct cost/benefit analyses for new technology requirements in planning and designing solutions.
  • Experience designing and developing large, complex, highly available, mission critical server applications
  • Experience with systems evaluation to assess conditions, technical performance and capacity of existing systems and determine need and feasibility of expansion, renovation, or replacement
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills, teamwork skills
  • A team player with a track record for meeting deadlines
Technical Skills
  • Experience designing, developing, testing, and debugging web applications using JavaScript based web frameworks such as Angular, and experience with web UI/UX methodologies such as Material Design;
  • Experience developing web applications which adhere to WCAG AA 2.0 for accessibility, and which must run on multiple web browsers/different versions of web browsers;
  • Experience managing a source control system, including responsibility for branching, merging, managing build and release pipelines; Experience with Continuous Integration and with build systems such as Azure DevOps or similar tools
  • Experience with authentication and authorization concepts, standards such as SAML and OAuth, and experience with identity providers such as Azure Active Directory;
  • Extensive experience as a full stack developer, capable of working across from presentation to data tiers; relevant experience working on systems supporting data, reporting and analytics;
  • Experience with building solutions that programmatically interface with 3rd party web APIs; experience with building solutions that integrate with other systems and COTS products;
  • Experience with interactions between Angular application and Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure functions.
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure configuring and using PaaS and SaaS services, and infrastructure and networking concepts;
  • Experience designing, developing, testing, and debugging applications on Azure and Office 365, including: SharePoint Online, Power BI, Power Platform, Azure App Service, Containers, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory;
  • Experience with the configuration and administration of operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Linux;
  • Experience with Data Linking and searching algorithms and techniques such as Probabilistic Matching, Jaro Winkler, Smith Waterman, and other Edit Distance Functions
  • Experience with geocoding techniques and tools

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