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Sr. Full Stack Developer (Nodejs, React) - TI1009-1

Totonto or Vancouver, ON BC
Required Skills:
● 6+ years of experience with frontend development (ES2015-2016 JavaScript, CSS)
● 4+ years of experience with React
● 4+ years of experience with Nodejs
●Demonstrable history of excelling in a team based collaborative environment
●Strong team leadership skills (helping lead the team's work)
● You also have strong interpersonal, critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills
● Expert level knowledge of client-side testing best practices and tooling (we use Jest)
● Familiar with accessibility (WCAG 2) best practices

Required Experience:
● Proven experience designing and documenting APIs (we use Node.js, Express, OpenAPI Spec)
● Highly demonstrable knowledge in building scalable production services and monitoring performance (we use Kibana, NewRelic)
● Experience with FRP (functional, reactive programming)
● Experience with the Docker ecosystem
● Highly experienced knowledge of backend development (Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis)
● Experience mentoring junior team members, overseeing code quality and evangelizing best practices

● Experience with securing applications to common security threats (OWASP Standards)
● Experience with Web/HTTP security controls (CORS, CSP, TLS, etc ...)
● Experience designing, building, and maintaining High Availability systems
● Experience with Kubernetes ● Experience with GCP and/or AWS ecosystems.
● Experience working with design systems
● Demonstrated ability to design & build both ReST and GraphQL APIs
● Strong understanding of application level and system level software design patterns
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