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Network Systems Analyst 1

Ottawa, ON · Information Technology
Activity A: Support and Management (25 - 50%)
• Work in a multi-disciplinary technical team to identify/isolate problems, review and
prioritize solutions, and implement and evaluate these solutions within the change
management process as defined by the department.
• Coordinates and facilitates the repair of failed components in a mission critical
environment (24 x 7), and evaluates the solution's effectiveness.
Activity B: Network Administration (25 - 50%)
• Support all components of the network topology and WAN. Provide a network
development system (where feasible) to pre-test and Q/A all network changes.
Evaluate and implement patches and updates with a focus on maintaining a current,
stable and vendor-supported environment. Perform routine network maintenance
and monitor error logs, etc., and maintain appropriate log books and other
• Assists with planing, testing, recommending, and implementing network, file server,
mainframe, and workstation hardware and software.
Activity C: LAN Administration (25 - 50%)
• Support all components of the LAN (file and print servers, Network Operating
Systems). Evaluate and implement patches and updates with a focus on maintaining

a current, stable and vendor-supported environment. Establish, document and
maintain appropriate system configuration (i.e. login scripts, print servers)

Activity D: System Security (0 - 5%)
• Formulate and implement plans regarding the access of hospital personnel to the
hospital’s application servers. Monitor illegal access and notify the hospital of
breaches of access based on corporate security policies and procedures.
Activity E: Application and/or Technical Projects (10 - 20%)
• Provide technical representation on application projects and architect technical
solutions that meets the requirements of the business and the technical direction of
the hospital, taking into consideration security, availability, redundancy, etc.
Activity G: Training / Mentoring (5 - 10%)
• Work towards mastering tools and technology supported and used by the Hospital.
Pursue self-development on current industry standards and credentials. Write
training material and conduct training sessions.

b. Qualifications
• Community College Diploma or Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science or other
equivalent combination of education and experience;
• One (1) to three (3) years work experience in a computer technical environment
• Experience in computer hardware support services / technology and network
• Experience in support of large LAN systems and/or systems support services
• Experience in operating system activities (NT, NOVELL, VMS, OS/390, etc.)
• Experience in databases and system clustering, fault-tolerance and redundancy, load
• High degree of technical skill in state-of-the-art computer technology and
communications networks (hardware, operating systems, communications and support
• Familiarity with network protocols and components
• Configuration skills on various platforms using structured methods
• Current desktop software

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