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Java Full Stack Developer -TI170821-II

Toronto, ON

 Our client is looking 4 for Full Stack develops - Intermediate or Sr developers,  for a remote poistion 

  •   Front end:
  •  Javascript
  •  JQuery
  •  JQWidgets
  • HTML 5
  • JSP

·         Middleware/backend:

  • Java
  • Spring Rest (annotated)
  • Oracle SQL
  • ·Annotated Hibernate (communication between DB and JAVA)
  • Aspera Orchestrator
  • SOAP

·         Outside of App:

  • ·Project is Maven based.
  • Code repository is GIT (We use Git Extensions to connect)
  • · IDE is Eclipse
  • Code reviews done using Code Collaborator (however, this might change soon)
  • Oracle SQL Developer to connect to our DB
  • Jenkins for deployments
  •  Experience in a mature software delivery environment (e.g. Bank, Telco, Gov’t, Vendor) using modern software delivery practices:
  • Cloud or on prem. containerization,
  • Mature code quality practices (e.g. unit testing, BDD or TDD, use of automated testing tools),
  •  Use of a modern CI/CD platform.
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