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Build Network Designer - Access 1 - 16150

Rimouski, QC · Telecommunications
As an Outside Plant Technician 1, the Contractor is expected to be able to:
  • Develop and document fiber architecture, growth and capacity plans for our client
  • Central Region to ensure flexible, robust and cost-effective network.
  • Assist in tendering and selection of qualified companies for detailed fiber design engineering, field construction, outside plant construction and fiber equipment installation
  • Interpret Tactical Infrastructure Plans for Outside Plant Structure to produce a workable design within the design and financial restraints.
  • Collaborate with permitting agencies, external corporate partners and other governing and regulatory agencies.
  • Work directly with customers, internal and external, to provide communication infrastructure solutions.
  • Prepare cost estimates and billing reports for internal and external customers.
  • Effectively manage both favorable and unfavorable customer interactions. Meet planning and organizational schedules and deadlines.
  • Collaborate with other internal departments to insure design, schedules, and financial concerns and constraints are managed at an optimum level.
  • Expected to provide guidance to partner teams and peers and meet committed project timelines and budget.

This is the mandate of the national equipment design: the non-ILEC team must take advantage of the customer's engineering and design standards, interworking, migration, integration strategy of technology, business motives and performance, develop equipment engineering specifications and provide expertise to clients and client stakeholders while respecting client strategy, fostering positive EBITDA and reducing capital intensity and the complexity of commissioning and operating networks and systems.
 The incumbent will leverage the client's Next Generation Network (RPG) to design hardware and networking solutions for the client's business clients. These networks can use, for example, IP technology, optical transport, video broadcasting, voice over IP, mobile technology and AC / DC power. The successful candidate will have a solid knowledge of the industry coupled with excellent business acumen. They should have aptitude for the use of niche and custom engineering systems and tools.
 We expect the incumbent to be able to interpret tactical infrastructure plans for telecommunications platforms and to be able to provide the recommended physical and logical network topology as well as detailed design specifications for one or more platforms (data / IP, access, broadband, ETTS, GPON, transport, radio and switching). The incumbent must also be able to provide direction to partner teams and peers, and meet agreed project deadlines and budgets.
 Typical tasks include: network design, site visits, data compilation, Visio preparations, inspection, quality control, accuracy of recorded information, reporting, support for testing and troubleshooting as well as research and development support.
 The incumbent must have a passion for working in an environment focused on the customer's promise, The future is simple, where the philosophy guides the way of working. The future represents the customer's commitment to demonstrate pioneering creativity and constant technological innovation, while simplicity corresponds to our commitment to develop solutions that are easy to sell, buy and use, and that generate the highest possible level of satisfaction from customers and stakeholders.
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