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Devops Lead

Toronto, Ontario
The person will manage the devops process. In many places all process is manual and requires multiple teams to release code in appropriate environments leading to errors and preventing agility.

This individual will work with the various mission teams to establish DevOps Process.

In addition, Technical resources responsible for deployments. Any DevOps Engineer and Deployment specialists would be reporting into this role. Modern DevOps & Process. Git, Jenkins, Nexus, Artifactory, Gradle. Other technologies, including cloud-specific approaches (i.e. canary, blue-green deployments)

'- we have CI/CD in most of our applications, but in others it is non-existent 
- will help "move the needle" 
- will work with QA lead to ensure test scripts are moving into pipelines
- shrink time to market (get code into production), many manual steps at this time therefore work to have more automated 
- defect leak and human error reduction 
- SRE mindset is needed in this journey
- will be practical and hands-on, they will mentor but also be able to do it 
- ensure tooling is consistent 
- Validate that the pipelines are made correctly
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