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Security Analyst

Montreal, Quebec · Computer/Software
Security Analyst - Bilingual - French and English

The candidate sought will act as an IT security analyst who will specifically support the DLP (Data  Loss Prevention) security processes at the bank.

The resource will be responsible for contributing to the implementation of the unstructured data protection project against the exfiltration of sensitive information from the bank.
The mandate will be to perform the following tasks in contribution with project teams, the operational surveillance team (SOC), the Cloud security team and the business lines:

-Analyze the results of data exfiltration alerts to understand user behaviours and trends;
-Run tests to determine the effectiveness of DLP rules
-Develop statistics and analyze performance indicators in order to measure the quality of DLP rules and the efficiency you process alerts
-Contribute to the development of DLP rules for CASB and in the Office365 AIP (Azure information protection) module

-Work with Operational Surveillance Teams (SOCs) and Risk Management Teams in Business Lines to Understand Alerts and Take Actions to Correct or Propose Changes to DLP Rules.

-Contribute to the enhancement of the processes for processing alerts and data exfiltration incidents, including the automation of alert processing with THE SOAR.
Relevant experience in the field of DLP is required.
Experience with Microsoft 365's Information Protection module for DLP and in developing DLP rules in a CASB would be an asset.
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