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Sr. Solution Architect - 9908156

Fredricton, NB
Sr. Solution Architect
  • The CLIENT is responsible for overall alignment and integration of innovative eHealth and Digital Health services to achieve optimal health system performance. Digital Health solutions focus on quality care for all citizens of New Brunswick and promote clinical value in the delivery of eHealth solutions to clinicians and administrators within the health system. The vision is to create clinical value and improve access to care by providing standardized, up to date and relevant health information.
  • The CLIENT, with the Regional Health authorities (RHAs) and Service New Brunswick, has established a provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) that includes one health record for each individual within the province’s health care system.
  • Access to Personal Health Record (MyHealthNB)
  • New Brunswick has recently launched a Proof of Concept to support a provincial Digital ID, as part of this initiative it was decided that providing a citizen (Diabetic Patients) access to their lab information would be the first health application launched by New Brunswick. The proof of concept has come to a close and it is critical to mobilize key resources to support the requirements of a solution that will consist of all Laboratory Results and Medication Profile; with future expansion to include Diagnostic Imaging Reports, Immunization Records, etc.
  • In July 2018, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Canada Health Infoway signed the ACCESS Atlantic partnership. The goal of the partnership is to improve access to digital health services and transform the way health care is delivered. A key technical delivery method will be through Infoway’s ACCESS Gateway platform. The ACCESS platform will be a trusted platform that will connect Canadian citizens with their health information and to the digital health services that Canadians have been asking for.
  • New Brunswick and Infoway have agreed to work together to ensure that a MyHealthNB solution will align with the ACCESS Gateway platform and effectively leverage New Brunswick eHealthNB digital health assets.
  • NB Gateway Services are needed to unlock data services (patient, laboratory results medication summary, etc.). Gateway services (Gateway as a Service) framework including microservices, connectors, security, and authorization services will be implemented in NB to support the MyHealthNB initiatives.
  • The above-mentioned initiatives will combine concepts of agile development, anytime/anywhere solutions, secure information sharing and empowering citizens to access their health information or electronic services that support the delivery of information within the health system or direct to citizen. With a preference toward a cloud hosted SaaS solution. This project will build on innovative methods that will improve our ability to quickly provide CLIENT’s citizens access to their information when they want it or appropriate services and solutions when they need it.
  • These initiatives support the Department of Health Strategy, as well as the objectives of the Digital New Brunswick Strategy as it relates to enabling citizen access to health information in the most efficient and effective manner using digital health solutions and services.
  • Our Client is seeking the assistance of a Technical Architect to provide services and work in collaboration with the DH, SNB, RHAs, Vendors other stakeholders as well as citizens of the province to develop Solution Architecture for MyHealthNB and NB Gateway Services, working closely with Department of Health’s Integration Strategist.

The Technical Architect will be responsible to work with the Innovation and eHealth team to:
• develop the technical blueprint for the MyHealthNB and NB Gateway Services;
• develop the technical requirements, standards and guiding principals for the MyHealthNB and NB Gateway Services;
• ensure the solution is aligned with Canada Health Infoway’s ACCESS Gateway architecture and New Brunswick’s eHealthNB platform;
• assist in the development of one or more RFP(s) for the Solution, and
• assist in the planning and implementation of the Solution(s).


The following Technical Architecture deliverables will be the responsibility of the candidate. Consideration for managed services and cloud services will always be the preferred option.

Deliverable Description
  • Technical Requirements Technical requirements include functional and non-functional requirements needed to support the MyHealthNB solution within the eHealthNB and ACCESS Gateway platforms.
  • Technical Architecture Technical Architecture is the blueprint schematic of the MyHealthNB solution and alignment eHealthNB and ACCESS Gateway. The Technical Architecture should include the proposed layout of the various environments (Dev, ST, AT, Prod), hardware components, integration, network and communications.
  • Technical Standards Technical Standards are required for the construction or acquisition of components and technical infrastructure. The include standards for communication, integration, desktop and networking standards for MyHealthNB solutions. Technical Standards surrounding ACCESS Gateway will need to be able to work with eHealthNB standards.
  • Technical Principals Technical guiding principals for the MyHealthNB solution will help guide the selection of incorporated packages and developer level component specifications.

Qualifications (Mandatory)
Requirement Required
  • A University degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is preferred but an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered. Yes/No
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of IM/IT experience. Yes/No
  • A minimum of eight (8) or more years of demonstrated experience as a lead Technical Architect on medium to large complex system development or COTS implementation projects.
  • Medium to Large complex projects are those that:
    • Cross multiple business units and / or organizations;
    • Involve multiple direct project participants (i.e. more than 8);
    • Operate for an extended period (i.e. more than 9 months); and
  • Involves dealing with business transformation issues as well as technical issues
  • The entire eight (8) years of Technical Architect experience must have been obtained since January 1, 2010 Yes/No
  • Demonstrated experience in Interoperable Electronic Health Record solutions built against the Canada Health Infoway blueprint in Canada Yes/No
  • Verbal and written competency in English Yes/No

Qualifications (Scored)
  • Demonstrated experience providing leadership to a team of specialists, technical analysts or programmers on information technology development projects. 5+ years
  • Demonstrated experience leading technical design and technical requirements gathering sessions. 10+ years
  • Demonstrated experience in the development of Technical deliverables identified under Section 3.0. 10+ years
  • Demonstrated experience working within multi-vendor teams would be considered an asset. 5+ years
  • Demonstrated experience with intra-provincial initiatives would be considered an asset. NA
  • Demonstrated experience working with the Canada Health Infoway EHR and HIAL Blueprint is considered an asset. NA
  • Demonstrated understanding of Canada Health Infoway’s Access Gateway model and be able to demonstrate how they have gained experience related to the Access Gateway concepts. NA
  • French language competency (written and spoken) would be considered an asset. N/A
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