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Server Side Developer - (RFI C75)

Toronto, ON

These are full SDLC development positions. Software Developers must be willing to take on all aspects of the development process and be ready to support applications in production environments. He/she will be asked to test code sets, document software, and implement products and related solutions.  Expert knowledge of design patterns and software development best practices must be shown at all times.
Software Developers will be tasked with analyzing, identifying, and solving highly-complex issues related to software development and related technologies.  As needed, this person may be involved in the mentoring of more junior-level developers on the technical aspects of our clients' products, technology, and related software tools.

Skillset for Server side Developer:
  • Java8, Springboot and Microservices experience required
  • 4+ Years of professional software development experience with Java
  • Experience working with distributed systems
  • Experience in designing and developing asynchronous rest API's
  • Excellent understanding on HTTP request methods and response status codes and when to apply them
  • Experienced in designing REST Apis
  • Experience with Springboot and/or Play/Akka
  • Have worked with Java8+ and have an excellent understanding of streams, lambdas and the concurrency API’s
  • Design, build and operate microservices running on Azure or AWS/Kubernetes.
  • Experience with modern deployment CI/CD pipelines (like Docker, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes etc.) development practices.
  • Extensive experience in designing patterns of Java, Spring Core, Spring Boot based green-field development projects.
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