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Deployment Coordinator

Calgary, Alberta
Deployment Coordinator Role
The Deployment team requires a dedicated person to focus on management of all aspects of the deployment work to ensure a successful roll-out
  • Plan for Deployment
  • Prepare for Deployment
  • Assess Go-Live Readiness
  • Authorize Deployment
  • Execute Go-Live Plan
  • Perform Production Simulation
  • Confirm Deployed Application
  • Transition Deployed Application
The leads from application, technical infrastructure, training and performance support, and operations work together to have the application deployed to the target audiences and successfully transitioned to the operations team. Therefore, it is important to recruit the right expertise to execute the deployment activities and manage the various pieces of the deployment.
This Deployment Coordinator understand the various pieces and is best suited to consider the following
  • Sequence the roll-outs with sufficient time.
  • Conduct simulations
  • Ensure the disaster recovery plan exists
  • Align the roll-out schedule with minimal disruption to the business
  • Monitor roll-out and obtain stakeholder feedback
  • Check technical readiness
  • Understand the details that need attention
In considering all of the above, the Deployment Coordinator reviews whether the roll-out plan is realistic and provides extensive communication. This also help ensure there is focus maintained throughout all simulation/preparation phases, not only on the final deployment.
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