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Equipment Engineering Specialist- 187823

Vancouver, BC
Hybrid 3 days in the office

Installation and Provisioning Work Orders production per Augmentation Uplift Program requirements

Key Responsibilities/Job Functions:

• Pre-engineering for Infrastructure Requirements
o Conduct pre-engineering assessments for space, power, battery backup, cabling scenarios, and panel requirements.
o Evaluate breakers and fiber panel specifications to ensure compatibility and efficiency.
• Installation Work Orders (IWO) Management
o Prepare and issue detailed Installation Work Orders for the installation, power-up, and connection of equipment at remote base station facilities.
o Collaborate with project stakeholders to ensure accurate and timely execution of IWOs.
• Provisioning Work Orders (PWO) Preparation
o Generate Provisioning Work Orders detailing logical transmission assignments to provide Layer 1, 2, and 3 connectivity from wireless core nodes to remote base stations.
o Coordinate with network planning teams to ensure seamless provisioning of services.
• Inventory Management
o Forecast hardware requirements and manage requisitions for base station equipment (excluding Ericsson).
o Maintain accurate inventory records and oversee inventory management processes to optimize resource utilization.
• Database Management and Documentation
o Maintain up-to-date database engineering records to ensure design documentation reflects the current network configuration.
o Approve field modifications and updates to design documentation to align with network changes.
• Technical Support and Collaboration
o Provide technical support to network implementation teams, IPRAN OPS-TAC, and field operations groups during project execution.
o Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate optimal design solutions with minimal customer impact.
o Prepare Service Threatening Report (STR) and Service Affecting Report (SAR).
• Internal Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
o Respond to Service Affecting Report (SAR) from internal groups (e.g., NOC, Wireline fiber, OPE, ETAC, IPRAN).
o Manage Technical Network Diagrams (TND), High-Level Designs (HLD), and IP address assignments for base stations and IP routers.
• Outsourced Work Order Oversight
o Follow up and support Statement of Work (SOW) outsources to ensure timely production of Work Orders.
o Evaluate space and power requests for third-party equipment installations in wireless cell sites.
• Bill of Material (BOM) and Budget Management
o Assist in Design Cost Requests (DCR) by obtaining preliminary design scenarios and requirements from Access planning, Transport planning, and RF Engineering teams.
oEvaluate proposed locations for space, power supply, and battery backup requirements, and submit completed BOM.
• Invoicing and OLR Guidance
oProvide invoicing and OLR (Online receiving) guidance to Rogers Project Coordinator.

Job Qualifications:
•Project Management: Skills in project execution, including the issuance of equipment engineering work orders, management of third-party outsourcing, and follow-up on project-related tasks, with adherence to Equipment Engineering standards.
•Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration with various teams such as Access planning, Transport planning, RF Engineering, Microwave Engineering, Civil Engineering and Network Implementation. Strong communication skills are crucial for interacting with internal and external stakeholders, aligned with Equipment Engineering standards.
•Regulatory Compliance and Equipment Engineering Standards: Demonstrate awareness of regulatory requirements and adhere to standards in the telecommunications industry, including Professional Engineering compliancy. Ensure all documentation, processes, and practices align with the ethical and professional standards set forth for telecommunications engineering.

Problem Solving: Ability to evaluate proposed locations, identify optimal designs, and troubleshoot issues during project execution, incorporating equipment engineering considerations.

Cost Management: Knowledgeable in approving, tracking, and controlling project expenditures to meet overall financial objectives and Build Program goals, following Equipment Engineering standards.

Documentation and Reporting: Proficient in preparing engineering reports, maintaining detailed records to support network implementation and modifications. Ensure accurate and timely engineering reporting, facilitating effective communication and resolution of service-related issues, adhering to Equipment Engineering standards.

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