Senior Cyber Security Advisor (B30175892)

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Date Posted: 02-03-2018
Position Description:
The position is during business hours with rotational availability in order to ensure operational capacity of the service round the clock, 7 days per week.
The security specialist must comprehend client's security management environments, internal clients as well as managed clients (external clients) in connection with the services provided by the operations center for the security of  client. 
The technical advisory position – security requires good knowledge of market trends, identification of customer needs, management of all the technological capabilities, processes and business applications necessary to support security management deliverables of all security operations centers.  The advisory also acts as an advisor to the SOC pertaining to the management and guidance for the team.
The successful candidate will understand all of the security management requirements agreed with the customer as defined in the contracts. The advisor will be responsible for defining the entire technological capacities essential to support the security management services. In addition, he will get significant results related to the service and operation using the tools properly, products, functions or practices mentioned. He will take advantage of the monitoring, evaluation and analysis of current performance.
The advisor will also, as necessary, work on call with a security incident response team; his expertise will conduct investigation and propose mitigation measures. The successful candidate must be able to obtain level security clearance "secret" in hiring.
Job Duties/Accountabilities:
  • Exercise a technical advisory role; endorse a mentoring approach to other members of the Security Operations Management team.
  • Coordinate projects and operational activities to enable the development of beneficial solutions for customers in the context of a high performance security operation.
  • Supervise the implementation and the development of new technologies and new services, analysis of operational impacts and network management processes, training and management platforms plans.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the service and operational security processes and propose necessary adjustments
  • Ensure a technology watch in relation to customer and security environments under the governance of operational security management center.
  • Reviews and interprets alerts and system notifications and provide advanced emergency services, incident management and analysis (according to industry specific and contractual requirements) to support security management clients.
  • Perform comparative analysis on the results from the industry specific constant evolving threats, vulnerabilities and all other malware launched on the Internet.
  • Depending on the nature of the threat perceived, assess and develop mitigation measures to ensure that appropriate mitigation is applied, and ensure that customers and management are informed.
  • Take proactive measures to manage all security equipment under the responsibility of the SOC.
  • Develop complex documentation to allow trend analysis, design solutions and operating guides or various deliverables agreed with customers.
  • Observe strict security protocols associated with all security management practices.
  • Authenticate all requests for services by applying authentication techniques in constant evolution.
  • Support sales as a subject matter expert and provide adequate assistance to meet the bid or help them provide the best possible solutions to meet the needs expressed.
  • University or college degree in Computer Science/Engineering or 5 years of equivalent experience in the domain of computer science.
  • Knowledge of offensive and defensive operational security tactics and support of tactical response teams in the event of a security incident.
  • Knowledge of NIST, ISO 27001, ITIL and other regulatory and standard compliance controls.
  • Proven experience in the design, implementation and troubleshooting solutions related to the security domain.
  • Good understanding of network infrastructure protection systems.
  • Good understanding of operating systems security measures.
  • Good understanding of application protection systems. (WEB)
  • Good understanding of Security Information and Events Management (SIEM).
  • Experience in the analysis of security events from the SIEM platform.
  • Experience in analyzing and protecting against cyber threats (malware …)
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