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JAVA Solution Architect - TI0306

Toronto (remote), ON
Developer Skill Set
● GCP: practical experience in GCP services such as:
● Cloud Function/Run
● Cloud Pub/Sub,
● Firestore,
● Google Cloud Dataflow, Apache Beam Framework
● Cloud storage
● BigQuery
● GCP monitoring tools (Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging).
● Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Back-end developer:
● Development Skills:
● Containerization: practical experience with Docker and Kubernetes.
● Kubernetes concepts such as pods, services, deployments, replicasets, namespaces,
volumes, service discovery, load balancing, ingress, network policies, VPCs, load
balancers, and Cloud DNS.
● gcloud , kubectl command-line tools
● YAML configuration files for defining Kubernetes resources and deployments.
● RESTful API, gRPC based API and OpenAPI (TM-Forum) specifications.
● JavaScript , Java, unix Shell Scripting
● Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
● SpringBoot ecosystem including Spring Cloud , Spring MVC, , Spring Security, JPA,
actuator, validation, caching, asynchronous.
● JUnit, Mockito, and Spring Boot Test, performance testing/ tuning, , Karate test
automation platform
● GitHub Actions for CI/CD
● practical experience with server-side development, object-oriented design, design
patterns, application integration, multi-threading, exception handling, ensuring code
reusability, scalability, Failover/Circuit Breaker, and best practices
● Application Security related to API development, including securing endpoints , Spring
Security's role-based access control data encryption.
● Integration with TELUS IDP (SSO)
● Event-Driven Architecture: Understanding of event-driven architecture patterns such as
CQRS, and event notifications. Designing and implementing Event-Driven Architectures
leveraging Google Cloud Pub/Sub, message queueing, dead-letter queues, and retry
mechanisms within Pub/Sub, and integrating Pub/Sub with other GCP services.

● UI development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Angular, UX/UI Design, Prototyping and
Wireframing, Unit and Integration Testing.
● hands-on experience in deploying, configuring, and managing Java applications on
application servers such as Tomcat, JBoss, WildFly, , and WebLogic , including
performance tuning, security setup, and troubleshooting.
● Databases
● Data Modeling / schema design
● Relational Database: PostgreSQL, Oracle
● NoSQL database : firestore
● Graph Database (nice to have)
● Operational
● practical experience in production delivery, deployment, monitoring, and
● Learning and Problem-Solving:
● Ability to research, learn new technologies, prototype, proof of concepts,
● Capacity to work independently. When faced with challenges, actively seeks solutions
and troubleshoots independently

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