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Program Manager - Senior - RQ00057

Toronto, ON

Key Responsibilities

  1. IT Governance Framework: Establish and implement a comprehensive IT governance framework to ensure effective oversight and alignment with business objectives.
  2. Operational Demand Management: Set up an intake process for efficiently prioritizing and managing the growing operational demands and complexity within the organization.
  3. ITSM Enhancements: Spearhead enhancements in IT Service Management (ITSM) to optimize service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  4. Strategic Planning: Develop and execute strategic plans that are closely aligned with the organization's business capabilities and goals.
  5. CRM Function Establishment: Establish a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function to enhance client interactions and support.
  6. IT Performance Benchmarking: Benchmark and effectively communicate IT performance to stakeholders at various levels.
  7. IT Performance Monitoring & Analytics: Implement robust IT performance monitoring and analytics systems to ensure continuous improvement.
  8. Operational Support & Leadership: Provide program management leadership, particularly in large scale, high profile, and high-risk initiatives that may span multiple jurisdictions or the entire enterprise.
  9. Accountability & Lifecycle Management: Ensure centralized accountability for the program’s diverse projects, overseeing their full life cycle from inception to closure, including any necessary transition to operations.
  10. Cost-Effective Program Delivery: Ensure that programs are delivered cost-effectively and in compliance with the organization's methodologies, standards, and frameworks.

General Skills

  • Program Strategy Leadership: Demonstrated experience in leading and overseeing program strategy development from inception through to project close-out.
  • Executive Expectation Management: Ability to understand and articulate executive expectations and translate them into program deliverables.
  • Team Leadership: Proven experience in directing and leading multidisciplinary project teams, including managing multiple Project Managers.
  • Risk and Dependency Management: Skilled in monitoring and managing project risks, schedules, governance, and technical performance.
  • Innovative Planning: Ability to use significant innovation in planning, analysis, and execution of tasks.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Expertise in directing stakeholder consultation, facilitation, and consensus building.
  • Change Management: Experience in leading strategies to overcome resistance to change and capitalize on supportive forces.

Desirable Skills

  • Budget Development: Experience in developing complex budgets based on multiple funding sources and cross-organizational dependencies.
  • Risk Analysis: Proficient in analyzing program and organizational environments to identify potential risks and issues, and articulating these to senior executives.
  • Communication and Relationship Building: Skilled in supervising the development and communication of program-related updates through various channels, including media relations and social media.
  • Continuous Improvement: A proactive approach to contribute to improvements in life cycle management based on lessons learned and past experiences.

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