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166835 - Project Specialist

Moncton, NB
Job Requirements:    
Complete Civil qualifications for LAO
*       Request and review STA, soil tests, LOS analysis as required by project scope
*       Request and receive updated drawings for site augments
*       Request quotes, award site and request PO for site augments
*       EERF material take-off and ordering
*       Project materials requested from warehouse and delivered to contractors prior to construction start
*       Coordinate site augment with contractor including deficiency resolution
*       Request and receive updated drawings for NSBs, Small Cell and In Building deployments
*       Request quotes, award site and request PO for NSBs, Small Cell and In Building deployments
*       Coordinate NSBs, Small Cell and In Building deployments with contractor including deficiency resolution
*       Check invoices and OLR completed work
*       Additional Civil Project Specialist requirements as required by Manager/Supervisor

Key Responsibilities/Job Functions:
• Identify and manage all project deliverables to meet Project and Business objectives as well as In-Service Targets.
• Prepare and update project schedules, implementation plans / roadmaps, Build and Financial status reports.
• Approve, track and control project expenditures to ensure that the overall Financial objectives of the project and Build Program are met.
• Troubleshoot obstacles / conflicts and provide overall focus and leadership to cross-functional project teams.
• Provide concise and timely reporting on Vendor deliverables including equipment orders and delivery.
• Establish and maintain communication channels with team members, senior management, equipment vendors, Telcos and third party operators to ensure project success.
• Provide support and direction to other departments within the organization during the life cycle of projects.
• Execute work orders to complete construction activity to meet project objectives.
• Hire external contractors to complete construction activity as per project schedule.
• Communicate relative project information to project team.
• Conduct field inspections and review contractors construction reports.
• Release fund upon successful completion of work by external contractors.
• Review of contractor quotations.
• Track and manage change notices.
• Be aware and adhere to all applicable Health and Safety regulations, in accordance with legislation and related Company policy

Job Qualifications:
• Civil Engineering Technology education background, or relatable education experience
• 5+ years of experience in Civil Engineering in Telecom or related background
• Demonstrated project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and meet strict deadlines to deliver identified outcomes.
• Excellent communication skills required for negotiating, mediating, facilitating and gaining cooperation from others with demonstrated ability to resolve conflict.
• A working knowledge in the operation of computer software relevant to the position

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