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DevOps Engineer

New York, New York

As a DevOps Engineer, you will:

·        Work with best-of-breed technologies to deliver industry leading solutions

·        Provide the platform and best practices for both development teams and portfolio management teams to properly monitor, build, test, and release their code into production

·        Deploy and maintain CI/CD pipelines across multiple environments

·        Drive an increase in quality and velocity of code deployments in the organization

·        Write code: whether it’s Python, Terraform, Puppet, or something else, writing code to automate and optimize deployment of infrastructure and applications is a core part of this role

·        Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and offerings within the automation and DevOps space and act as a champion of automation and high engineering standards across the organization

·        Participate in on-call rotation with approximately 1 week per month of on-call time shared equally across members of the team

·        Assist with operations Kubernetes container platform: this may include setting up a new cluster, offering a training session for a development team, or helping put an app into containers and deploying that app as a demonstration 

Core Tech Stack:

·        On-Premise Virtualization platform: VMware, Nutanix

·        Public cloud: AWS and Azure

·        CI/CD: TeamCity, Octopus, Jenkins, Azure DevOps

·        Configuration Management: Puppet

·        Infrastructure Code: Terraform

·        Application Management: Kubernetes, Docker, Helm

·        OS: Linux and Windows

·        Monitoring: SolarWinds, Azure Monitor, CloudWatch, Prometheus, Zabbix 

To be considered a good cultural fit, you must be:

·        An ambitious self-starter

·        Hungry to learn

·        Driven towards success

·        A very strong and efficient communicator

·        Able to multi-task and excel in a fast-paced trading environment

·        A problem solver; able to develop quick and sound solutions to complex problems

To be considered a good technical fit, you must have:

·        Hands-on experience architecting and implementing automation pipelines, monitoring solutions, and infrastructure as code across an organization

·        A Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, information systems, or related field. Or equivalent experience.

·        Strong knowledge of CI/CD tools, such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Azure DevOps

·        Strong knowledge of configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet, or Ansible

·        Strong knowledge of source control systems (Git) and best practices for use

·        Strong knowledge of automation scripting using Python and/or Bash

·        Strong knowledge of monitoring deployment and test pipelines

·        Strong knowledge of immutable infrastructure, infrastructure automation and provisioning tools, such as AWS CloudFormation or Terraform

·        Strong knowledge of Linux administration particularly RHEL and CentOS

·        Knowledge of Windows Server administration and automation with PowerShell

·        Operational understanding of networking concepts, architecture, and best practices, especially as it relates to hybrid cloud integration

·        Analytical skills – Ability to troubleshoot and logically assess problems and determine solutions

·        Detailed documentation skills – ability to represent ideas, requirements, reference architecture and problems in clear, concise, and business-friendly documents

Bonus points for:

·        Hands on experience working with container technologies (Docker, Podman)

·        Understanding of Kubernetes as a platform, including deployment of applications, usage of Helm; experience with managed Kubernetes platforms, such as EKS, AKS, or GKE a plus

·        Public cloud architecture and strategy planning experience

·        Contributions to open source libraries, projects, or communities

·        Any AWS, Azure, or GCP resource specializations

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