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Deployment Supervisor - 2719

Vancouver, BC

Deployment Supervisor for Vancouver Region.
Reports to Tiger Team, Microwave radio experience is necessary.
1/ Have field experience in the installation and commissioning of Microwave radio links – hands-on work with Nokia MPR9500, CorEvo and UBT radios preferable.
2/ Work with electricians to coordinate the installation/operation/troubleshooting of Freedom Mobile Smart Meters.
3/ Work with engineering contractors to plan site inspections, mount fabrications, antenna reinforcements.
4/ Support other deployment department work in the Vancouver and BC areas during busy times.
5/ Collaborate with other Freedom departments to ensure vendor work is acceptable, and to modify if required.
6/ Verification of vendor work while accepting responsibility to identify deficiencies and have them repaired before approving payment to the vendor.
7/ Interface with all Vendor/Contractors to plan and schedule work – arrange site access via landlord building contacts.
8/ Capable of tracking your project work on Excel spreadsheets – Vlookup tables, Pivot tables.
9/ Must have permanent residency.
10/ Must have own vehicle.

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