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Integration Developer 3 - 17072

Montreal, QC · Information Technology
Overview :
The incumbent provides operational and functional support surrounding the operation of the Oacis DCI and information systems in the clinical setting.

The incumbent has some or all of the responsibilities for the following areas of activity:
o Operation
- Identify, correct, test and monitor changes to Oacis and the information systems under its responsibility;
- Ensure integration with other applications during updates and upgrades;
- Perform validation tests of the information systems to be supported;
- Manage the dictionaries and the tables of parameters of the information systems under his responsibility;
- Develop and write procedures or necessary documentation regarding changes and corrections of abnormalities discovered by users of clinical systems;
- Ensure compliance with the rules of operation and use of the IS in accordance with the norms and standards of the client.
o Support and maintenance:
- Deal with incidents or anomalies from internal requests: diagnosis of the incident, identification;
- Formulation and follow-up of its resolution;
- Documentation of the proposed solutions;
- Ensure the integration of changes with other modules of the clinical system;
- Update the operating modes of the applications and distribute them to the support groups or customers concerned;

Workplace :

Required knowledge:
o Knowledge of interfacing standards and protocols used by information systems eg: HL7
o Have general knowledge of operating systems (Windows, Unix) and databases (Sybase);
o Good experience with Java, XML, XSLT, Jasper Reports, shell scripting ...
o Knowledge of Eclipse, 7Edit, Aqua Data Studio
o Good knowledge of source code management systems (CVS, SVN, GIT)
o Experience with SQL (Stored Procedures, Cursor, function)
o Knowledge of compilation and deployment tools (Jenkins)
o Have a good knowledge of the process of developing and implementing an information system;
o Understand and apply the customer service oriented approach;

Skills and competencies required:
o Possess a great sense of responsibility;
o Demonstrate a spirit of analysis and synthesis;
o Easily share and transmit knowledge;
o Possess a sense of organization and planning;
o Have the ability to manage emergency and stressful situations;
o Demonstrate autonomy, a logical mind and a great capacity for adaptation;
o Have the ability to work in a team and maintain excellent interpersonal relationships;
o Have the ability to quickly understand the needs of users and partners.

Certificates and professional titles required:
o College diploma (DEC) or undergraduate degree in computer science, management information technology or any other university training relevant to the position.

Experience required:
o 5 years of experience in IT including one year in support, development, maintenance and clinical and clinico-administrative information systems.

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