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Product Analyst(Bilingual)

North York, ON · Computer/Software
Key responsibilities:
• Works in collaboration with Product Owner to understand, elicit, analyze, document, and communicate program and platform/application objectives as a suite of stories and specifications
• Helps the Product Owner the define value of MVPs
• Collaborates with the team to provide a delivery estimate for user stories to gain a team commitment
• Creates users stories using testable, actionable, criteria
• Works closely with development to ensure a flow of stories are specified and validated
• Provides discipline, rigor, and technical skills to the story definition and validation process
• Collaborates with the delivery team to define the overall testing approach
• Defines testing approach, data, and scenario coverage, including edge cases, non-functional, etc
• Automates functional / non-functional tests by leveraging and extending testing frameworks as required
• Continually performs regression testing as necessary; and applies exploratory and risk-based testing
• Tracks and manages defects and works with team to prioritize and resolve them; acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement
Enhanced capabilities:
• Can bring a “testing mindset” to the team
• Is an effective facilitator for delivery team to deliver incremental units of business value
• Can prioritize areas with greater risks, pain, and return on investment leveraging risk-based thinking
Desired outcomes:
• Just in time value-based user story and artifact creation
• Constant communication with team members to maintain information flow
• Timely completion of required artifacts
• Knowledge of product development processes and software development life cycle
• The ability to successfully manage competing priorities
• The ability to manage parallel work threads as part of a project
• Proficiency with Jira, Confluence and MS Office suite of products including Visio, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
• Strong influence and teamwork skills
• Strong critical thinking and decision-making skills
• Robust business acumen and ability to partner with senior business leaders to drive initiatives
• The ability to build, direct, and influence stakeholders and project teams
Please forward profiles for potential candidates to Gurpreet and myself.

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