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Full Stack Product Engineer

Toronto, Ontario
My client is looking for a Full-Stack Product Engineerwho has experience working with Startups. If you have experience working with startups and looking for a full-time role please apply.

Full-Stack Product Engineer
Job Description:
My client is building YC for 99% of the founders. Those who traditionally don’t have access to advise, capital or network -- we want to support that long tail.This is limiting the potential of founders. We fundamentally believe that great founders and companies are everywhere. Where there are problems, opportunities exist. We want to empower those founders. 
My client building is to democratize access to advice, network and capital. 
We do this by scaling access to the rest of the world: 
●      Access to advice (knowledge, resources) 
●      Access to the network (intros, people, community) 
●      Access to capital
The role of the Clear Coach is critical for our portfolio of founders. You are a blend of the program manager, content builder, and coach/advisor for these founders all in one. To them, you're their ultimate supporter. Internally, as we're building the product, you represent the voice of the founders.
Your job is to work day-to-day with hundreds of founders and help them grow their business.
●      You will own technical products end to end, from design and architecture to deployment and maintenance
●      Working closely with every member of the team, you will produce significant components 
●      Work closely with all functions of Clearbanc, ranging from core Engineering team to Data Science team to the marketing team
●      You are in constant communication with the team to understand what features of the platform need to be built out, and solve bug fixes when necessary
●      You will scope out business needs, and action them with speed and accuracy and then execute on it yourself
●      You will run and participate in founder townhalls, communicating closely with early-stage entrepreneurs
●      When it comes to product and engineering, buck stops with you. Coordinate, roll up your sleeves, do what’s necessary to get the ball moving forward 
What we look for:
●      Desire to help founders. We take a strong founder first stance on this team.
●      Be self-sufficient when it comes to execution. Figure out how to solve problems and make things happen, not waiting for help or permission.
●      On this team, we maximize learning. You will fail if you're not learning fast enough. 
●      Comfort working in high growth, constantly changing environment. 
●      Heavy bias towards action. Ability to solve problems end-to-end on their own. You will implement ideas and experiments on your own with minimal support.
●      Have experience working in a senior software engineering role, you are an expert when it comes to coding and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves to get the job done!
●      Have a strong business sense, you can foresee potential issues and solve them quickly 
●      Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively across multiple teams. 
●      Strong interest in building businesses, e-commerce, fintech. 
Technical Requirements:
●      You are a Ruby engineer with experience building and shipping front-end and back-end features on       a Rails, Merb or Sinatra app
●      You are proficient with Javascript on the front-end to do basic things like working with forms, jQuery plugins, etc.
●      You are an expert at using third party gems and external APIs to supercharge existing features
●      You are comfortable with databases: migrations, indexing, backups, restoring from backups
●      You are able to build front-end using HTML components from a library
●      You are excited about front-end frameworks like React or Vue, but you know that it’s not necessary all the time

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