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Splunk visualization and UI experience - TI150621_III

Toronto, ON
Project description:
Data analytics focusing on networking and security use cases.
·         Use-cases have been defined already, but need to be implemented within Splunk as dashboards and reports
·         I.e., core task will be to Build visualizations – dashboards and reports – in Splunk
·         Heavy focus on Splunk UI and user experience for analyzing the data
·         Experience with networking or security to understand how the use-cases will be used would help
Experience required:
·         Lots of Splunk visualization and UI experience required
·         Focus on creating usable and customer-facing dashboards (i.e., high level of quality)
·         Some experience with networking and security use-cases preferred
·         Some experience with Hadoop preferred
Notable call-outs:
·         Splunk for Hadoop, NOT splunk enterprise
·         Splunk searches need to be optimized to work efficiently with Hadoop (e.g., minimal concurrent searches)

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