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Architect Supply Chain/ Cash Solutions

Open to CANADA, Ontario

Role Overview
This role is accountable to lead the architecture stream on cross-functional, cross-domain projects and ensure compliance with standards, strategies, and deployment platforms.
Define and maintain the domain specific technology roadmap and plans.  
Guides projects on their overall high level solution approach and engages the solution architecture team.
Oversees solutions within a particular area of business such as supply chain, marketing, etc., and ensure integration of all applications.  
Understands and advocates Architecture principles and is prepared to champion the solution architecture process 
Participate in the IT future planning and annual budget planning process related to technology based initiatives.
Participate and oversee architects in the development of architecture roadmaps that aligns to strategic objectives of business units across different technology groups. These roadmaps are in a single domain (ie FCL Supply Chain, CRC Supply Chain, FCL Marketing, etc.).
Ensure buy-in and consensus for consolidated technology roadmaps and plans.
Maintain current with all domain specific vendor’s offerings at the architectural level to validate how they can be leveraged to benefit the CRS.
Manage the requirements to ensure that the organization’s holistic needs are met and reflected in the solutions produced by the team 
Brings knowledge of technology, retail, industrial best practices as well as emerging technology in the industrial, corporate, and retail environment. 
Decides on the approach to implement the solutions with guidance from the Director, Architecture, Director, Infrastructure / Operations, and Director, Digital / Business Applications / Retail Applications, and EIM.
Planning Horizon and Span of Control
Influences cross-departmental teams to ensure compliance with project architectures. Provides necessary support and guidance to the projects and operations teams to implement the solutions. The role has a strategic planning accountability.
The strategic planning outlook has a three to five year horizon as guided by corporate strategies, business objectives, vendor’s technology roadmaps / product lifecycle and produces domain specific roadmaps / project proposals / deliverables that are included in the strategic business plans to highlights various technology landscape changes or technology investments and how they impact the CRS IT environment. Complexity of problems range from mismatched technology fit to business requirements and evolving technology deployments and their impact to the CRS (FCL / TGP, Retail, CRC and CRS Customers) IT Architecture.
Works with various IT teams in identifying areas the impact that specific project architecture changes will have to the various support teams.
Recommends technical solutions (solution, order, and sequence) to business project sponsors to align with domain specific roadmaps and the Enterprise Architecture roadmap.
Prioritizes and execute a complex list of tasks often for various concurrent projects. Identify organizational requirements for the resources, structures and cultural changes necessary to support the solution (or project focused) architectures. Oversee the documentation of all solution architecture design and analysis work.
Lead the development of an implementation plan for project / solution architectures based on business strategy and requirements. Guide and advise stakeholders about disruptive technologies and trends and the potential impacts to solution designs. Lead analysis of the business' future-state capabilities and future (and current) IT environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions to mitigate risks. Develop diagnostic and actionable deliverables that help business guide investment decisions in support of executing business strategy.
Key Accountabilities
Define and oversee the high level design (architectural level) processes for specific business projects. 
Leverage existing solution patterns or identify and define new solution patterns in order to deliver on the desired business requirements and business outcomes.
Ensure that all individual solution architecture artifacts and changes are documented as per process standards.
Ensure buy-in and consensus for designs from a detailed design perspective, user impact perspective, and on-going operations perspective.
Acts as a champion for domain specific / project architectures.
Ensures that cross-functional project and operational teams align with the published / approved project IT architecture to:
·        reduce project duration
·        simplify decision making
·        hasten solution implementation
·        reduce / automate technical support
·        reduce confusion and ambiguity in the environment
maximize the technology investments
Scan the world for major disruptive technology and nontechnology trends (trendspotting) that affect business domains. Provide practical advice and best practices to overcome these challenges and successfully deliver the expected business outcomes for the specific domain.
Contextualize the technology trends based on social, economic, political and other nontechnology trends.
Understand the business's economic and financial levers that are susceptible to digital transformation, so as to effectively support and guide technology investment decisions.
Education and Experience
Post secondary degree/diploma in Computer Science or related field or related work experience.
5+ years of relevant, progressively responsible experience in technology domains in two or more areas:
·        Application Development / Deployment (DevOps, Waterfall)
·        Cloud
·        Integration (API or traditional integration)
·        Security
·        Networking
·        Containers/Virtual Machines
5+ years of progressively responsible experience in two or more of the following business domains:
·        Order Management
·        Marketing
·        Loyalty
·        eCommerce
·        Retail / In-Store Process
·        Human Capital Management
·        Finance
·        eProcurement, Social Programs
TOGAF Certification, AWS Architect Certification and Azure Architect Certification are considered an asset but not required.

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