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Data Platform Engineer

Calgary, Alberta
Description of Work:
The Data Platform Engineer role consists of maintaining the operational functionality of the modern data platform components. Additionally, this role is responsible for building enhancements to the data platform using components such as web APIs and pub/sub systems to produce a scalable data infrastructure that is cloud based. This role requires exploration of new technologies in data storage, processing and transporting (data pipelines) to meet the needs of a data delivery team. The Data Platform Engineer provides input to design, implementation and the ongoing support of the platform actively facilitating continuous improvement. This role manages the continuous integration, build management and deployment scripts.

Required Skills and Experience:
  • Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform specifically components such as Big Query, Cloud Functions, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow
  • Intermediate knowledge SQL
  • Intermediate knowledge Python
  • Intermediate knowledge Terraform
  • Understanding of the automation practices throughout the development, build and deployment phases
  • Understanding of IAM policies

Additional Skills "Nice to Have"
  • Familiar with GitLab
  • Familiar with Splunk Monitoring 
  • Understanding of best practices of securing data
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