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Full Stack Developer 2 - 15303

Toronto, ON
Intermediate Full Stack Developer
Create awesome experiences for our customers.

We use a range of technologies to get the job done: JavaScript and Babel (ES2018) coupled with Webpack, React, Redux and other libraries to provide a modern, easy to use Javascript toolchain. A central Design System is used for styling and hosts shared components, while our RESTful APIs are built with Node.js, Postgres and Redis. We also use GraphQL and Apollo. Quality is a primary concern and we test our applications at multiple levels with Automation Testers and Product Owners embedded within teams.

You're the missing piece of the puzzle:
  • Shown experience in backend and API development (we use Node.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL and Redis).
  • Validated experience with front-end development (ES2018 JavaScript, modern CSS).
  • Proficient in React and Redux.
  • Strong experience with writing unit tests (we use Jest on the frontend and Mocha on the backend).
  • Experience designing and documenting APIs.
  • Experience with FRP (functional, reactive programming).
  • Ability to mentor other junior developers.
  • Knowledge and experience with TypeScript; we’re hoping to switch to it one day on front-end applications and backend services
  • Experience in building scalable production services and monitoring performance (we use Kibana, NewRelic)
  • Experience with clustering technologies (we use Kubernetes)
  • Familiarity with the Docker ecosystem
Must to have skills:
1. Modern JS developer. (ex. ES 2015, 2018)
2. React/Redux (must have demonstrated project experience)
3. Node JS (must have demonstrated project experience)

Nice to have skills:
1. Graph QL/Open API
2. AWS
3. PostgreSQL
4. GCP
5. Kubernetes
6. Kebana/ New Relic
7. Experience in a docker eco system

Additional comments: multiple teams are looking to hire multiple full stack developers. Looking for a split of front end/ back end or true full stack developers.
Looking for javascript (not java) 2-3 intermediate and 3-5 years for senior depending on project work experience with the must have skills.
Use list of must haves has a guide and any nice to haves on top as a bonus as we are hiring multiple developers.
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