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Security Architect

Montreal, Quebec
You develop security architectures for a variety of complex and cross-cutting projects.
You design and implement technology solutions to meet the organization's evolving needs and technology targets.
You represent the unit in different decision-making bodies and assume the functional supervision, coordination and coaching of professionals in its unit.
Your role is to design detailed architectures, software, and testing and implementation strategies for large- and highly innovative files and projects.

You analyze, develop and recommend solutions and directions at the functional, organic or technological level. The importance of mastering technology and anticipating innovations, as well as your ability to optimize work processes, become essential skills.

You are in an advisory role to clients and various stakeholders in integration and docking, requiring the ability to communicate effectively and to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the needs of the various interlocutors. The nature of the files requires extensive and in-depth expertise in your field. The files and projects under your responsibility are strategic in nature and involve a very high operational and conceptual complexity. These require a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and understanding of the business field and the organization. There are many dockings.
You are called upon to interact with a very large number of stakeholders working ina variety of areas of expertise.
You act as a consultant and play a leadership and influence role with senior management, boards and your unit.
Additional responsibilities:
- Design the security technology solutions necessary to advance projects under his responsibility and develop detailed architectures in his area of expertise, configurations and implementation plans for solutions that meet the organization's evolving needs and technological targets.
- Act as a security consultant in its field of expertise with various stakeholders and bodies.
- Perform analyses of needs, performance capacity, implementation costs and determine appropriate strategies.
- Representing its unit on various committees and branches in connection with the mandates entrusted to it.
- Coordinate a team of professionals during projects and carry out the required docking.
- Participate in the development of operating targets and their transition strategy.
- Ensure a watchdog role to understand and anticipate current trends and best practices in its area of expertise
- Ensure the quality of the deliverable of the projects under its responsibility.
Profile searched:
- Baccalaureate in an appropriate discipline
- A minimum of eight years of relevant experience
- Experience in agile mode and squad (an asset) Please note that other relevant training and experience combinations could be considered
Specific knowledge:
- Knowledge of good practices in identity management, authentication and authorization of access to IT assets
- Knowledge of products and technologies that enable effective application of authentication and authorization in a large company
- Knowledge of card payment systems, applicable regulations and related security and compliance features
- Knowledge of application security and applicable methodologies
- Knowledge of network security and applicable solutions, including firewall, IPS, IDS, SIEM, NGFW, proxies, gateways, Wifi, segmentation,
micro-segmentation, etc.
- Knowledge of cloud security and applicable solutions
- Knowledge of systems security, including operating systems, database management systems,
- notions of hardening, global policy deployment, BYOD, NGAV, EDR, update evaluation.

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