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PHP/ Symfony Developer

Vancouver, BC
Our client is looking for an experienced Symfony programmer to join our team. You'll be part of a very dedicated crew collaborating primarily on a very ambitious Greenfield project, as well as other client work that may come up.
Successful candidates must have prior expertise developing production web applications in Symfony, with preference to those who have worked directly with the API Platform framework; we need someone who can hit the ground at speed. You must have extensive experience working with Git, preferably with the Git-flow model, and some experience in agile development. A University degree in computer programming (or equivalent) is preferred, but experience is the most important requirement.
We are looking for an individual who is detail-oriented, with strong programming and communication skills. We're a client shop, and like all client shops, we have competing priorities. We need someone who can work within our team to advance the product, but be flexible enough to handle interruptions.

Primary Skills (mandatory):
  • PHP (v 7.2++) preferably using the API-Platform framework
  • Strong knowledge of Symfony and Doctrine
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases.
  • Experience creating, expanding and consuming REST or RESTful APIs
  • At least some experience working in a Dockerized development environment.
  • Experience working with Git.
  • Strong communicator, able and willing to reach out when they get stuck, and admit when they don't know something.
  • Ability to work unsupervised, given a planned task.
  • Ability to work well in a team.
  • Ability to swich gears between tasks rapidly.
  • Ability to design and implement PHPUnit test coverage for your code.
  • Ability to review another backend developer's code for quality and feature-completeness.
Secondary Skills (preferred):
  • Agile development
  • Experience with git-flow branching.
  • Given a task, able to construct a plan about how to accomplish it, preferably to the degree that another developer could execute it.
You will be responsible for taking task requirements, converting them to technical implementations (or following a plan provided you about how to do so, to start). You'll need to be able to add tests to ensure your code works, and communicate with other developers about your feature, and how to
quickly test it. We have "meetings" infrequently, so you'll need to be self-driven for the most part, and know when to reach out when you're stuck or you think a task may take longer than expected.
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