Applications Developer- Java,J2EE 3 [7029]

Location: Mississauga, ON
Date Posted: 07-04-2014

1. 10 years of programming experience
5. Demonstrated ability prepare complex designs and effectively conduct design reviews
6. Demonstrated ability to prepare reasonably accurate estimates of development work effort
7. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate
8. Demonstrated ability to be highly proficient in technical knowledge or skill area Java, Oracle, Weblogic, Struts. SQL, PL/SQL, XSLT
9. Demonstrated ability to consistently improve or improvise
10. Technical accountability
11. Responsible for ensuring coding standards (including code reviews, unit testing)
13. Ability to review, analyse and make recommendations

Day to Day
1. Meetings - come prepared and come on-time.
2. Proficient in the various technologies/tools that we use –
• Java, Weblogic, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, Eclipse, Struts, XSLT, JavaScript
3. Raise issues to the PM and peers when you are aware of them.
4. Raise risks to the PM when you are aware of them.

1. WBS, provide a work breakdown structure. Provide estimates, dependencies, preferential order of work.
2. Review the project schedule to ensure enough time is present for all dev activities. Alert PM when there isn’t.

1. Use the standard design template.
2. Complete a conceptual design.
3. Complete a detailed design document for each project.
4. Keep design documentation including data models/data dictionaries up to date
5. Communicate design decisions that have an impact on other teams. Communicate design decisions to other dev leads & architects where integration may be an issue.
6. Conduct/participate in code review sessions
7. Understand the technical architecture. Understand the flow of data through the various servers – know the names of the servers, how to access them and how to test for connectivity.

1. Use standard development tools
2. Follow coding standards
3. Guard against scope creep
4. Ensure queries and views are as efficient as possible.
5. Complete assignments as assigned in a timely manner.
6. Unit test your work.

Must have experience with Java, J2EE of atleast 7+ years.

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